Think of your membership card like a ticket, always present it upon entering and keep it with you while you’re at the Sports Center.

Changes – You’re welcome to add or subtract family members from your membership. To do this, complete a Membership Change Form available at the front desk. Members who pay by automatic draft must submit this form five days before the next scheduled draft so changes can be implemented in the same month. Charges for upgrades will be pro-rated to your account. If you reach an age that will change your membership category, you will be given at least 30 days’ notice of the change.

Insufficient funds – A $25 service fee is attached to insufficient checks and EFTs.

Guest passes – GSC members ages 18+ can bring a maximum of two guests per visit. Guests must be accompanied by a member. Each guest may visit two times per calendar year for free. After the guest’s two free visits a $10 per visit fee will apply.

Termination – You can end your membership at any time. If you wish to terminate your membership, please complete a cancellation form available at the front desk. The form must be submitted regardless of whether you pay by automatic draft or by invoice. Members who pay by automatic draft must submit the cancellation form at least five days before the scheduled draft to ensure cancellation is effective by that draft.

If you pre-paid semi-annually or annually, you will be refunded for the unused portion of your membership minus a service charge. Refunds are not available if paying on a monthly basis.


Accidents – If you have an accident, injury or incident, contact a staff member immediately – we will help you! First-aid kits are available throughout the GSC, along with automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Class cancellations – GSC reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient registration, attendance or inclement weather conditions.

Program refunds – Many fees are non-refundable. In addition, we do not offer makeups for missed classes or activities after the session or program begins. If the GSC must cancel a program or activity, we will issue refund checks. Please allow two weeks for a refund check.

Food and beverages – Food and drinks can be enjoyed in designated areas.

Lost and found – Items that are found and turned in are kept at the front desk. Unclaimed articles are donated to charity.

Locker keys/Lock rental – We encourage you to lock your belongings while at the GSC. To rent a key or lock for a GSC locker, present your membership card, photo ID or something of value. No overnight locking permitted.

Photo and talent release – GSC may photograph or record an activity involving our members and program participants for documentation or further promotion. Through your membership agreement, you release GSC to use any photos or videos of you and understand that we do not compensate for these images or videos.

Cameras/Cell phones – Please limit phone calls to designated areas, and please be sure your use of electronics does not disrupt others. Cameras should never be used in locker rooms, restrooms, changing areas or showers.

Drug, tobacco and alcohol free – The use of illegal and recreational drugs, tobacco and alcohol on GSC grounds is prohibited. Members will not be allowed in our facility if they are under the influence.

Safety – Safety is a priority at GSC. Please exercise caution when participating in a class and/or using equipment. Be sure to look out for your guests and children. Please use protective gear when necessary and please use weight plate collars/clips on bars.

Weapons – Possession, sale, distribution or carrying of weapons – including guns, knives and explosives – is prohibited and will result in an immediate dismissal from the premises and cancellation of membership.

Youth members – No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the Fitness Center. Anyone 14-17 years old must attend an equipment orientation with a Personal Trainer before using any of the equipment.

Be courteous – Please wipe down all fitness equipment after use and please re-rack free weights, squat rack arms, and weight plates after use. Do not bounce Medicine Balls against walls in the fitness area. Be respectful to members waiting to use the strength machines and allow them to use the equipment in between sets.

Proper footwear – Athletic footwear must be worn in the fitness area. No open-toed or open-heeled shoes allowed.

Peak hours – During peak hours, please limit your workout to 30 minutes on the cardio machines.

Be respectful – No cell phone usage in the fitness area. Socializing and group activities should be done in the lobby, not in the fitness area.