Strengthen your body and your mind; the Glendale Sports Center offers fitness classes and so much more. Surprise yourself!

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Glendale Sports Center - Youth Program

Youth programs

After-school and summer camp programs give children between the ages of 5 and 12 a safe, fun place to play, grow, and learn.   All childcare is licensed and staffed by the YMCA.

Glendale Sports Center - Art Programs

Art programs

Develop your artistic side with the help of a pair of art courses offered by the Glendale Sports Center.

In the Acrylic Painting course, students will explore one method, in depth. Students will hone their skills in representational and abstract styles and have a chance to practice painting still life, interpret prints and master paintings, landscape, portraits, and more.

Intended for beginner through intermediate skill levels, the courses welcome those 14 years-adult

Glendale Sports Center - Teen Program

Teen programs

Teens thrive in the positive environment created by after-school and summer drop-in programs. The program welcomes those currently in grades 7-12.  

Glendale Sports Center - Dance Programs

League Sports

Choose from basketball, outdoor soccer, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and pickleball. Our leagues run all year and include coed options. With all the Glendale Sports Center amenities, like a locker room, at your disposal, choosing to play at Glendale Sports Center gives everyone a home-field advantage.