Since opening, the Glendale Sports Center has cultivated fitness programs designed specifically for older adults.

Together, the programs offer variety and represents many intensity levels.

Older Adult Fitness Classes

Classes & SilverSneakers

We offer the leading health and exercise programs helping older adults and seniors live fit, active and independent lifestyles and see benefits of healthy aging.

Senior Social Activities

Social Activities

Join us for activities related to the active older adult member. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and participate in monthly activities, special holiday parties and special events.

Older Adult Fitness Classes

This dynamic full body, low impact workout is designed to simultaneously lengthen and strengthen every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility and long lean muscles.

Zumba® Gold
Zumba classes are known for incorporating exciting Latin and International dance moves into a fun, fast-paced workout. Zumba Gold is a class built on the original Zumba program, but modified for active older adults.

Zumba® Gold Toning
The same great Zumba Gold dance class with an extended time frame to include a toning aspect.

SilverSneakers® Classic
Silver Sneakers Classic will increase muscular strength and range of movement by using hand-held weights, a ball, and more. Those with difficulty balancing are able to use a chair as an aid. 

SilverSneakers® Circuit
This standing workout gets the heart pumping. Great for cardio and muscular endurance, SilverSneakers Circuit includes a standing circuit workout, upper body work with hand-held weights, and other exercises keep people coming back.

SilverSneakers® Yoga
This series of seated and standing Yoga poses will safely increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Restorative breathing exercises and relaxation poses aid in stress reduction and help bring mental clarity.

Moving for Better Balance
Using the principles of Tai Chi, this programs helps improve balance, agility and coordination, thereby reducing the risk of falling. The class has been acknowledged by the Center of Disease Control and National Injury Prevention and Control.

T’ai Chi Chih
Students of various skill levels can benefit from this class, which guides participants through a  series of gentle, flowing movements designed to circulate and harmonize the Chi—the vital energy force flowing through the body.

Per Tri County Health all people entering the Glendale Sports Center must wear a mask effective Wednesday, November 24th.