We wish you a safe and healthy Easter and believe that brighter days are ahead for all of us.  Our facility may be closed but we are still here for you! We want to continue to provide you options and resources for a healthy well being. These are challenging times for everyone and we will get through this together.

FREE Virtual Classes

Our virtual classes are so fun!  Our instructors miss you and have been working hard to design workouts that you can do at home. Virtual classes are free and you can also invite your friends!  Click here to view our Zoom Virtual Class Schedule. Please provide any feedback by emailing Justin Seymour.

Kate Laub is teaching a Chair Yoga & Balance Zoom class Tuesday’s at 10am please email Kate for more information.

More Free On-Demand Classes
YMCA 360

Food Distribution

To address food insecurity in our community, the YMCA is distributing healthy food at locations throughout the metro area:

Monday, 4/13 from 2-4pm
13693 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80014 (in the HR Block Building)

Wednesday, 4/15 from 2-4 pm:
Schlessman YMCA, 2625 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222

Friday, 4/17 from 2-4pm
13693 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80014 (in the HR Block Building)

Staff Messages

Our staff miss you all so much.  Here are some messages from our staff to you!

“We hope everyone is staying healthy.  We are sure it has been hard to stay active during these difficult times, be we are certain that you have found alternatives.  We cannot wait to see everyone again.  Please make sure that you are doing your part to help combat this virus.  See you all soon.  Take Care!”
-Rosa & Jimena


“Hi everyone!  I am glad that the Sports Center is offering emergency childcare.  We have had several parents and children coming in during the day.  I feel like I have gotten to know them a bit.  Everyone here is cooperating with safety protocols.  Also, seeing our members on the Zoom classes has been cool.  I am so glad to see them online.  Our instructors have been awesome!  Hope to see you all soon.” – Barbara




Keep Your Family Strong

The free 12Bursts program encourages your family to achieve 60-minutes of daily recommended physical activity through 12 activity “bursts” of five minutes each.

With 12Bursts, no two days are the same as the Daily Dozen challenge resets to encourage a variety of activities and maximize the fun! How many days in a row can you complete the daily challenge list? Get Started Today!

Modified Facility Hours
Friday, July 1st 5:30am-6pm (Glendale Fireworks)
Monday, July 4th 7am-3pm (Independence Day)