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2016 in Review at Glendale Sports Center

As 2016 draws to a close, people across the world take a reflective look at the past twelve months. Our lives, rich and complete as they are, have never been busier, our calendars never so full, time rushing by faster than ever before. As the hustle and bustle of 2016 moves into our collective past, we recognize the importance of our selves, and of maintaining an active, healthy relationship with our bodies and the communities in which we live and work. Glendale Sports Center, a cornerstone of the city’s Infinity Park, brings together personal physical fitness and healthy community involvement.

Looking back at 2016, we are reminded again and again that change, while inevitable, is not always positive. On the largest scale, our world is a complex and challenging place, and we understand that navigating the difficulties of day-to-day life is anything but easy. In this hectic and often adverse setting, physical fitness regularly falls by the wayside. By understanding the importance of fitness, and in facilitating its pursuit, Glendale Sports Centers’ 2016 shines as a year of progress and positive growth.

Located within the Infinity Park complex, Glendale Sports Center has been the centerpiece of a healthy Glendale community since opening in 2008. Managed by the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, the facility features world-class amenities, including state-of-the-art TechnoGym equipment, free weights, indoor cycling, and exercise studios. Outdoor tennis courts, elliptical and treadmill trainers, and a basketball court, alongside extensive programming for youth, teen, and adult members of all ages, round out the Sports Center’s considerable offerings. Glendale Sports Center is far more than just a gym – it’s a pillar of Glendale’s community health.

What separates Glendale Sports Center from other gyms is the facility’s philosophy on tackling fitness. With a welcoming, inclusive approach centered on programming, Glendale Sports Center transcends the traditional workout. As member Megan Shirley puts it, “Glendale Sports Center provides me a great, friendly environment where I can not only work out, but also meet new people and get involved in activities. I love the diverse selection of fitness classes offered.” 2016 saw more class and program offerings than ever before, all of which continue to be included with membership. Teen and adult sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, and tennis will remain on the programming schedule for 2017, but will be expanded, occurring more frequently throughout the calendar year to come. Programs for youth ages 5 to 12, and for teens in 7th through 12th grades will also be offered again in 2017, as well as programming specifically designed for older Sports Center members, such as Silver Sneakers. Boot camps, kettlebell classes, and strength training will remain available as well.

Glendale Sports Center is committed to offering fitness options in a variety of disciplines. Yoga and Pilates are popular alternatives to more traditional gym workouts, as are Zumba classes. The continuation of a self-defense course for female members, as well as a robust expansion of the martial arts program are in store for 2017. Next year members will have access not only to the existing Tae Kwon Do classes, but also a newly added Karate program. Programming at Glendale Sports Center is not limited to physical fitness, however. Widely varied programs in visual art, music, and dance were a hit in 2016, and will continue to demonstrate the commitment of Glendale Sports Center to embrace and improve all aspects of community fitness in the coming year. Glendale Sports Center, mainstay of the city’s fitness lifestyle, offers community members rich and rewarding opportunities for pursuing self-improvement in various capacities throughout their lives.

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The breadth and depth of fitness programming isn’t the only thing that’s grown at the Sports Center in the past year. Glendale’s fitness centerpiece has also seen expansion in nearly every other metric. Compared to year’s end 2015, the Sports Center has seen a nearly 25 percent spike in social media followers, as well as a 33 percent increase in website traffic – considerable gains by any measure. Glendale Sports Center’s eNewsletter has a 10 percent higher open rate than the national average, a good indication that its readers are committed to their fitness and their facility. Finally, membership has increased by almost 250 persons in 2016, totaling in nearly 3500 Glendale Sports Center members.

More important than numbers, however, is the philosophy behind the Glendale Sports Center. An unassuming, personal approach to fitness, coupled with world-class equipment and programming, sets the facility apart. Located within the Infinity Park complex in the heart of Glendale, the Sports Center is truly a community resource. Marrying quality and affordability, the Sports Center offers something for members of any age or fitness level. Glendale corporate memberships stretch the value of fitness even further, offering those employed in Glendale, as well as their families, the opportunity for a reduced membership rate. Membership Director Lynn Taylor notes that corporate memberships have considerable benefits beyond the obvious improvements in health and wellness: “Employees who exercise have a more optimistic outlook, improving company morale. More energy also means a boost in productivity, and studies show that employees who participate in corporate wellness programs have better work attendance rates than those who don’t.” For fitness in Glendale, quality, price, and proximity demonstrate a significant return on investment – a point driven home by this year’s growth.

Glendale Sports Center has been a community staple since its creation in 2008. As it has in years past, over the course of the past twelve months the facility has continued to experience steady, impressive growth, both in terms of its media presence and its membership. The cause of this growth is clear, and two-fold. First, even as Coloradans remain some of the healthiest people in the nation, the widespread understanding of the importance and impact of fitness has never been greater. Second, by offering high quality programming, equipment, and convenience, all with a focus on community and at an exceptionally competitive price, Glendale Sports Center has and will continue to be an undeniable value. In a season of reflection and resolution, the path to a happier, healthier New Year in Glendale is clear.

By John Arthur

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