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The facility itself is part of Infinity Park, the nation’s premier rugby stadium. The building’s generous size means you won’t be waiting in line for the treadmill. Options like Matrix cardio, weight equipment, yoga, an exercise studio, group exercise classes, and Zumba are included with a membership. Maybe logging a few miles on the treadmill might not be what you had in mind after all. With a healthy class size, fitness classes are an easy way to stay motivated and keep coming back. 

At almost any other gym of similar quality and with the same array of options, you might spend upward of thousands per year. But, at Glendale Sports Center, a Glendale resident can purchase a month-long membership for the price of a couple coffees. A family pass for a month is $22. Those who don’t live in Glendale can also take advantage of the Sports Center for a fraction of what similar amenities would cost.

All told, the Glendale Sports Center eliminates the false choice of quality or affordability. In its place, it leaves another, more important question: When are you going to join?

Get Started With A Fitness Assessment

The Get Started Assessment program includes two complimentary sessions of individualized, one-on-one coaching support. Get Started is available to all new adult Glendale Sports Center members. It’s a sensible, easy to follow plan to help you make the most out of your wellness goals.

Personal Training

Glendale Sports Center’s experienced trainers will work with you to create a fitness blueprint and help you execute it.

Age Guidelines

At the GSC, we want to make sure that you are safe at all times. Our age guidelines outlines what you can and can't access based on your age.