Glendale Sports Center Mobile App

Glendale Sports Center Mobile App

Download the GSC mobile app now for convenience, fitness, and community

GSC members can take advantage of the GSC Member App – an easy-to-use resource for better health and instant updates from the GSC. With the app, members can use their cell phones to:

Check in faster. Just call up the app, scan your barcode, and enter.

Access fitness schedules. Quickly find times for the unlimited group fitness classes, plus open gym hours.

Simplify fitness tracking.

Snap a picture of your equipment’s summary screen to instantly log workouts using Xcapture
Sync data with your Apple Watch, FitBit, Jawbone, or other fitness tracker
Upload progress right to apps like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper

Improve health. Set goals, measure milestones, and learn about fitness challenges.

Get more value from the GSC. Learn right away about GSC news and events.

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